On January 25th and 26th the 8th Cybersecurity International Forum (« Forum International de la Cybersécurité ») will take place in Lille, France. This is a great opportunity to learn about digital security trending topics and to meet cybersecurity expert firms.

Data-related cybercrime, data insurance, crisis of users’ confidence, security incident management… Data is an omnipresent topic. In a technological context marked by Big Data, Smart Cities and IoT, data protection is absolutely vital. Recent news such as invalidation of Safe Harbor by European Court of Justice, and the new European regulation on personal data and security incident notification, are proofs of its importance.

There is an urgent need to break down the barriers around cybersecurity. Everybody working in the digital sector – including marketing professionals – should take up this issue. In many start-ups and other innovation projects, teams mix creative, business and technical skills… but no security skills! But there are many innovation projects dealing with personal data or sensitive data, for instance digital health projects.

Security is not just for major companies, it is also for start-ups and SMB as long as they find solutions that meet their specific needs and budget.

Visit Vaadata at FIC 2016 to discuss further with us about this topic!