You’ve probably watched many movies with hackers. Matrix, Swordfish, Millenium…
You’ve also seen some articles about hackers and cyber criminals with nice illustrations…

Of course hackers are not people you meet everyday in the street. In fact, you met some of them for sure but did not notice them, maybe because they don’t look like those you can see in movies and newspapers.

Here are some typical stereotypes.

The snow hacker

The snow hacker - illustration
The snow hacker

This one is the typical hacker face that you can find on the Internet when looking for “hacker” images. A guy with a hoodie, dark glasses, nice gloves and looking really focused.
Seriously, do you think anyone can use a computer with such gloves? Why not using mitts for a bigger challenge?
Maybe he’s just a bit sensitive to cold?

The faceless hacker

The faceless hacker - illustration
The faceless hacker

Okay we keep the hoodie, but having no face is really great to keep anonymous, and smarter than using a mask.
With a mask you don’t see your screen really well, so that’s a great idea.

The matrix hacker

The Matrix hacker - illustration
The Matrix hacker

The film “Matrix” had a strong impact on hackers stereotypes.
But while some people use green fonts on black screens, it’s not so common among hackers!

The Candy Crush hacker

It’s so cool to be a hacker, isn’t it?
Hugh Jackman is having a lot of fun here. The only problem is that he’s more playing with a 3D engine (or Candy Crush?) than really hacking some stuff.
But no gloves, no hat, no hoodie, no dark glasses or mask, he looks real and normal like anybody does.

The stereotypes we see about hackers are somehow a mix of a legacy from sea pirates, night clubs ambience and action movies.
But how do real hackers look like? Maybe just like this:

The normal guy

Normal hacker - illustration
Normal hacker

That’s sad but hackers actually look like normal humans, some have ties and are sitting next to you in your company (malicious insiders). Some are sitting at home wearing blue jeans and drinking a cup of coffee in front of their computer.
Hackers are part of real life, it’s that simple!