Mobile applications are everywhere. Personal and professional social networks, hotels and restaurant booking, calendaring, note taking, order taking, CRM software, stock management software, banking portals, financial management tools… All industries are concerned.

A growing number of mobile applications store personal data – or even sensitive data – in the application itself or on a web server. This leads to strong needs for data security. However mobile security is largely ignored by companies that develop mobile apps. Why?

To answer this question, Vaadata is broadcasting a short survey for companies that have developed at least one mobile application.
The purpose of the survey is to better understand mobile security perceptions, as well as obstacles and needs in this area.
With only 10 questions (time is precious!), this survey provides the basis for a micro diagnosis. This should help to develop new security services for mobile professionals.

Please click on this link to answer the survey.

Mobile application security is a key challenge for the protection of companies and citizens. This is a challenge for both technical and marketing teams within digital companies.
Technical solutions already exist but are still not widely used in companies. So understanding why is absolutely necessary.
Thank you in advance for participating in this survey.