Web Application Firewall

Complementary to the security audits, WAFs block attacks against web applications.
Our experts assist you in choosing and putting in place the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Why use a WAF?

A web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your web applications from the main risks of cyberattacks.

The WAF analyses web traffic between the client and the server, to detect attack attempts and to neutralize them. In this way, it masks the flaws that could be exploited by hackers.

How do I choose my WAF?

There are many different WAFs, from the free open-source solution to the very top-range commercially-available solution. We assist you in choosing the most appropriate firewall for your needs, through a made-to-measure study of your web platform.

Who are Vaadata’s partner vendors?

Vaadata is a 100% independent company. We have not signed any partnership agreement or commission contract with WAF vendors.

Our neutrality and our knowledge of the market enable us to define a complete benchmark of existing solutions. Your criteria regarding integration, budget, performance and the nature of your web platform are key points for determining the choice of your WAF.

The 5 stages of our intervention

Definition of the area to be protected

Study of the functional and technical needs

Benchmark of existing solutions on the market and of the services provided by vendors

Presentation of the report with the recommended solutions

Configuration of the WAF and assistance during the first months of protection (optional)


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