Pricing - Security audits

To make cybersecurity more accessible, we propose 2 scales of charges for our audits,
and a special offer for start-up companies.

Flat Fee mode

Fixed rate

Recommended for a first security audit
  • Fixed lump sum per day determined before providing the service
  • Quotation according to the size of your platform
  • Competitive daily rate
  • Applicable to all audits2

Success Fee mode

Variable rate

Recommended for recurrent security audits
  • Rate per day reduced according to the number of flaws found
  • Quotation according to the size of your platform
  • Up to 50% reduction if your platform is already secure!
  • Applicable to black box, grey box and certifying comprehensive audits

Introductory Offer

For startups1

  • Extremely reduced rate
  • 550€ before VAT
  • Limited to 1 day of tests
  • For a web or mobile application

1 Offer limited to one introductory audit for each Vaadata client company

2 Except for the introductory audit that corresponds to a special offer for startup companies