Incident response

Reacting quickly and effectively to cybersecurity incidents is a priority. Our experts assist you in preparing a plan for response to incidents on your web platforms.

How do I prepare my staff for cybersecurity incidents?

Forming a team and drawing up a plan of response to incidents is essential for avoiding a state of confusion when the event occurs. This reduces the impact of a pirate attack on your web and mobile applications.

We assist you in identifying the key people and in preparing the team. Then, together with you, we develop a response strategy.

How should we react to a pirate attack?

The first step is to detect the incident. If you have put in place the right indicators and the corresponding alerts, you can activate your response plan at the right time.

The content of an incident response plan depends on several factors related to your company: the nature of its business activity, the number of its employees, its organisation chart and its internal functions.

The execution of this plan will make it possible to restore the data and to clean up the platform that was subjected to the attack, and also to analyse the incident in order to best anticipate the future risks.

Our assistance includes the development of a made-to-measure response plan and the simulation of an incident in order to test its execution in real-life conditions.

The 4 stages of our intervention

Analysis of the security risks and dangers

Forming an incident response team

Creation of an appropriate response strategy

Simulation of an incident to test the plan


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