Technical support

Security consulting

Consulting allows focusing on specific questions in order to further strengthen security following a security audit.

Vaadata brings its expertise for securing web or mobile architecture. Examining functional and technical requirements with the attacker’s point of view enables to include security demands from the development phase or during a project redesign.

Vaadata also offers white box audit for the server configuration and code source audit, in order to access the core of the elements. Having access to this level of information, which is normally unavailable, makes it possible to provide maximum security for respectively the configuration or the application layer.

Lastly, Vaadata offers white box audit on CMS to analyze in detail the typical vulnerabilities of these sites or to identify security problems that have led to a security incident.

Offensive security training

Given by security experts, Vaadata’s training share the viewpoint of the attacker, in order to understand the threats and to better protect against them. Training focus on practicing the concepts learned, in order to increase the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Different training, technical and non-technical are offered by Vaadata to engage all functions present of the company.

Technical training address fundamental security notions teach to detect flaws and exploit them, whereas non-technical training gives keys to identify and to know how to defeat different attack types, including social engineering attacks.

All training is based on Vaadata’s knowledge acquired during pentests and aiming to make the teams more autonomous on security subjects.

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