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Doing a penetration test is more and more integrated into companies’ cybersecurity strategies. However, what does a pentest bring?

Why perform a pentest?

A penetration test protects from cyberattacks, by concretely challenging a target. Tests allow to identify and correct vulnerabilities, in order to strengthen the security level.
Reasons to conduct a pentest are multiple: BtoB clients asking for a deliverable, certification projects (ISO 27001, SOC2, PCI-DSS…), internal good practices…

In all cases, carrying a pentest means conducting a structured audit process by an external service provider, who brings a neutral view on the organisation’s security level.


Seals of security approval and security audit certificate

Security audit certificate and seals of security approval highlight a penetration test, which can be promoted on the commercial or marketing documents. They are ideal deliverables to convince your clients about your solution’s reliability.
Security audit certificate brings the highest level of confirmation of a product’s security. It is issued following a certifying integral audit.

Seals of security approval meet the need to highlight different types of security audits: regular audit, integral audit, recurring audit, social engineering audit... They can be displayed on a website or on a commercial document.

Choosing Vaadata

Choosing Vaadata means choosing a small, hyper-specialized team which guarantees a very high level of expertise.

CREST certified, French company, Vaadata refuses any form of subcontracting for security assignments carried out for its customers.

Vaadata’s commitment to democratizing has enabled it to have more than 150 customers in Europe and North America (mainly: France, Germany, the UK, the USA).

A large proportion of these clients are FinTech companies, HealthTech companies, innovative start-ups as well as software editors and large companies.

Vaadata is an independent company involved in a CSR approach.

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