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Doing a penetration test is more and more integrated into companies’ cybersecurity strategies. However, what does a pentest bring?

Why perform a pentest?

First of all, a penetration test protects against cyberattacks. Indeed, during a pentest, attacks are carried out with methods and tools of hackers in order to search for vulnerabilities in a product or a solution.
For each pentest, a scope is defined to determine the target of attacks, based on security objectives.

This allows to identify and correct security vulnerabilities, before they are exploited by attackers. Technical, logic and human flaws are researched and exploited.
The audit report given at the end of the security audit describes precisely the vulnerabilities found and can be directly used technical teams to do the remediation.


Seals of security approval and security audit certificate

When a pentest is carried out, documents can be issued to prove that the security of your solution has been confirmed by an independent third party or that tests are conducted regularly.

Vaadata offers seals of security approval and audit certificate which can be shown and highlighted in commercial proposals or online to promote the security level of a platform or of an information system.

Choosing Vaadata

Pentest is the core activity of Vaadata, which ensures a high expertise on all missions realized.

Vaadata focuses only on offensive security and supports its clients according to their objectives and their security risks.

Independent company, Vaadata has for mission to democratize security audits. It has a range of offers adapted to startups and large companies. It promotes long-term support to establish solid security.

Vaadata is a CREST certified company for its penetration testing services.

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