Security audits - Pentests

The best cyberprotection consists in anticipating attacks by hackers in order to counter them. We use our expertise in attack techniques in order to prevent digital security incidents.

On average, data breaches were identified after 191 days*

Our web and mobile security audits detect all the flaws in your front and back-office applications, mobile apps and APIs.

Our IoT audits also include the electronic, embedded software and communication layers on top of web and mobile interfaces.

What is a security audit?

It is a series of intrusion tests performed by an ethical hacker who looks for all the vulnerable points in your platform.

Each audit is unique, because the attacks are designed specifically according to the functional and technical architecture of your solutions.

The results of these intrusion tests allow you to then easily correct the security flaws in your platform.

Vaadata expertise consists in:

Ethical hacking

Cybersecurity experts carry out attacks within a secure legal framework

100% web / mobile / IoT

Focused on web and mobile technologies, as well as connected devices

Complete tests

Manual tests that exploit all technical, logical and human flaws

An operational result

A clear audit report with corrective measures that can be applied directly by your teams


28% of breaches involved internal actors. *

23% of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses had a data breach or security incident due to the use of the Internet of Thing in 2017. *

Wordpress is the most attacked CMS.

12% of breaches involved privilege misuse. *

76% of breaches were financially motivated (+3 points vs. 2017). *


web attacks are continually increasing every year. Here are some statistics for 2018:

Organisations who were victimized by one (or more) successful cyberattack increased of 15 points, from 62% to 77% between 2013 and 2017*

17% of breaches were social attacks. *

+10% of web application attacks between the 4th quarter 2016 and the 4th quarter 2017. *

All web applications are concerned, regardless of their size and their type of content. Pirating of small websites is an easy entrance door for conducting more sophisticated attacks.

The 5 stages of our intervention

Evaluation of the risks & definition of the extent of the tests

Choice of the type of tests

Manual and semi-automated intrusion tests

Audit report & support for technical teams

Your platform is secure!