Our range of pentests

Our range of audits has been specifically developed to meet the needs of companies who have developed web and mobile applications or connected objects.

Startup Offer Web / Mobile

The startup offer enables you to take a first step for securing your web and mobile solutions.

This offer includes 1 day of manual penetration testing focused on a website, an API or a mobile application (partial security audit).

Black Box audit

The black box audit challenges your platform’s security from an outside attacker point of view.

This type of service consists of a penetration test focused on the parts of your platform that are visible to any attacker, without credentials.

Grey Box audit

The grey box audit consists of a deeper pentest with an access to user accounts provided by the client.

This type of service includes penetration testing on the different privilege levels that can be accessible to users (ex: user, manager, supplier, admin...).

Certifying Full Audit

The certifying comprehensive audit includes an exhaustive search for vulnerabilities as well as a security audit certificate.

This type of service includes penetration testing on all your platform’s functionalities followed by a remediation validation phase.

Social engineering audit

The social engineering audit measures the impact of human risks on the security of your web, mobile and IoT platforms.

This type of service is used to evaluate your staff’s reflexes when faced with dangers such as phishing and telephone attacks. Read more

Recon Audit

The recon audit consists of an in-depth reconnaissance phase that provides a full mapping of your company’s digital footprint.

This type of service is used to identify all of your company’s technical and human traces that could be used for building a cyber-attack.

Choose the service to suit your needs

We adapt our services to the context of your business, with specific security objectives according to your level of risk exposure.


Showcase websites, Corporate websites

Ensure the continuity of your website’s service and your brand image


Social networks, BtoC solutions

Protect your users’ data and the security of your contents


E-commerce websites, BtoB solutions

Secure your platform and convince your customers with an audit certificate


Platforms containing sensitive data

Maximum security with regular pentesting on last releases