how to prevent email spoofing

Used for phishing and other social engineering attacks, email spoofing is terribly tricky. Well executed, it’s difficult to detect and misleads the recipient.

To counter it, there are technical solutions to put in place when you configure your mail servers. We will see the three essential elements to install to prevent email spoofing: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

From data breaches to malwares, cybersecurity is in the headlines almost every day and has become a major concern. Especially in the context of the health crisis, cyberattacks are affecting companies of all sizes. How can you prepare for cyberattacks?

We selected some current cybersecurity statistics, in order to know the current trends of threats in 2021. To prepare to face cyberattacks, a pentest is a very effective solution to strengthen your security.

pentest for startups

For many startups, cybersecurity and penetration testing in particular are issues that need to be addressed because of the requests of their customers or investors.

Some startups have a security by design approach and processes that integrate security testing into the software development cycle. Other startups are less mature on the subject, as they do not have in-house security skills. They have questions when it becomes necessary to perform a first pentest.

SaaS & pentest

Security is one of the main concerns of SaaS application publishers. Security is essential for users to trust the solution and to ensure that data is protected.

Authentication security, data compartmentalisation, data encryption, but also user journey security, service continuity and third-party integrations… The security issues of SaaS applications are multiple. A pentest allows you to assess the robustness of a SaaS platform in order to test and strengthen its security level. Here is a list of subjects that deserve special attention during a pentest.

Mobile applications are part of the elements to secure as they process personal data, access sensitive information, and in some cases enable remote control of devices. Widely used for IoT devices, they are also at the core of the business model of many FinTech, HealthTech and innovative companies from various industries.

How to Strengthen the Security of Your Mobile Applications to Counter the Most Common Attacks?

Mobile application security encompasses different aspects: the security of the mobile applications themselves (iOS or Android version), the security of the APIs and the security of the servers. Back-end security (APIs and servers) is usually more critical than front-end security (iOS / Android apps), but this depends on the technical and functional context of the application itself.

pentest & certification

CREST, OSCP, CEH… Should you require certifications from your pentest providers? To select a pentest provider, security certifications are obviously useful although they cannot be the only way to assess the value of a service and the skill level of pentesters. There are other aspects that should be considered too. Another related topic is the recognition of the pentest value and the certificates that you may be able to show to your customers.

Pentest or Bug Bounty

Bug bounty signs the end of pentests’ ‘Bug bounty, the death of the traditional penetration test’… Do you remember these article headlines? Today we see that this is not the case and that both approaches continue to exist.

Both services address the same initial need: to test a company’s web applications and infrastructure with realistic attacks. What are the differences between the two approaches? How do you choose between a bug bounty and a penetration test?

We present you nine main criteria to consider.

The network infrastructure is at the core of business operations in most industries. It can be considered the nerve centre of the entire IT organisation because it centralises data, simplifies data exchange and facilitates communication between employees.

How to Strengthen the Security of Your Network Infrastructure to counter the Most Common Attacks?

It is therefore an essential tool for the smooth running of organisations, which requires constant attention in terms of security in order to protect yourself against increasingly numerous and sophisticated external and internal attacks.