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Pre-sales cybersecurity consultant

We're hiring a pre-sales cybersecurity consultant

Vaadata is a startup specialised in penetration testing / ethical hacking. We are looking for an engineer to strengthen our business team during the pre-sales phase.

Who are we?

  • A dynamic startup with a strong technical culture (subjects: cybersecurity/pentest, on web, mobile, IoT, social engineering scopes)
  • A French company with many international customers (Europe & USA)
  • A small and fun team, very different to the corporate world of big consulting companies
  • An 100% independent and socially engaged company
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Web Security 2018: Year in Review

Web Security 2018 Year In Review2018 is just finished and we decided to look back at it. From the many news that did the headlines this year, we’ve summed up 8 main elements about 2018. Here’s our year in review for web security.


1/ So many data breaches

Figures for 2018 are not known yet, but already on the first half were 944 data breaches listed (source). Despite raising awareness on cybersecurity, data breaches are still numerous.

In some cases, data compromised went further than the “classic” email / password / credit card number loss: For example, Marriott breach included passport numbers, the Aadhaar breach biometrics data… It has a major impact on the people whose data were compromised, and on the image of the companies concerned.

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Internship or traineeship/apprenticeship Dev PHP Symfony4

We're hiring developerVaadata is a startup specialised in cybersecurity (penetration testing) and we are looking for an intern (or a trainee/ apprentice) to work on developing internal tools in PHP Symfony4.


Who are we?

  • A dynamic startup with an expertise in ethical hacking
  • A small and fun team, very unsimilar to the corporate world of big consulting companies
  • A company that allows time to technical watch and creativity

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